What we do

Insurance Direct Marketing​

DSG are Direct Marketing Specialists. We have provided direct marketing expertise to the insurance and financial services sector for over 30 years, partnering with insurers, reinsurers and database owners to deliver targeted insurance programmes.

We aim to extract maximum potential from databases through highly targeted direct insurance campaigns delivered through our end-to-end turnkey solutions, applying a two phased Acquire & Build approach to gain new customers and grow from existing customers through cross sell and upsell.

Acquire – New Customer Acquisition

The development of successful policy acquisition campaigns is a core strength of DSG.   Our aim to maximise the potential that exists within a customer database through the delivery of highly targeted direct insurance campaigns.

To achieve this we develop and build tailor-made propensity models for our clients.  Our learnings are carried forward through the continual recalibration and refinement of our models.

Through this highly targeted approach we ensure relevancy of offers to customers and therefore maximise new customer acquisition whilst reducing cost per acquisition for our clients.

Build – Existing Customer Marketing

DSG aim to derive maximum value out of all existing policyholders through a portfolio lifecycle management approach that sees us undertake targeted cross and upsell programmes to existing policyholders.

Modelling is used extensively for upsell and cross sell activity to ensure the most relevant offer is made to policyholders at the various stages of the customer lifecycle.

Insurance ​


DSG will help you create a detailed and workable strategic plan. Analysis of available company and customer information will help you determine the best business structure and approach. The raw data generated will feed directly into the product design.


Our propensity modelling system ensures that the most profitable segments of the market are targeted.  The quality of potential customers provides a clear advantage in distributing products profitably. Through our data analysis you will target those most likely to be interested in insurance products and those comfortable buying through specific sales channels.  


Retaining customers makes commercial sense.  Getting the ‘right’ customer in the first place is far less costly to our clients that repeatedly having to attract new customers.  Our complex propensity modelling takes some of the guess work out of customer behaviour and help you the client generated long term relationships with your customers.


Managing customer expectations is as important as the initial sale.  Understanding your business is essential – which channels and products are most marketable and profitable and what type of on-going service is required to retain customer satisfaction. In order to maintain market penetration a bank/ insurance company will need to remain responsive and flexible to their customer want and needs.


Customer Relationship Management

One of the most valuable sources of income for a bank is its existing customers. Taking a proactive approach to existing customers is crucial to prevent customers moving to competitor banks.  We can help you tailor loyalty programmes to meet the different type of bank customers. This information can also feed into acquisition campaigns so that the focus is on ‘good’ (loyal) customers that can then be directly targeted with new product and service campaigns.


Campaign Data Management

DSG spend time familiarising themselves with and understanding clients. Data and file formats will be accessed and documented. This process allows for detailed campaign data management. DSG will create an orderly data flow and all deliverables will be aligned with corporate strategy.


Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation is vital to sustain program development and support on-going tests and learnings. The composition of each customer segment along with their past and projected needs will assist in tailoring marketing initiatives to maximise program effectiveness. These key metrics and propensity models will form the basis for the bank’s wider marketing and risk management strategies.


Customer Retention & Loyalty

Existing customers are a valuable source of income for a bank.  DSG will target those segments of the data base identified as profitable with loyalty and recognition programmes. Specific loyalty programmes are developed in collaboration with the client bank.


Segmenting your market provides a robust foundation for designing, testing, measuring and rolling out tailored marketing programs. Equally segmentation is not and should not be an exhaustive segmentation solution.  We can provide predictive models developed outside the segmentation solution to be used as a set of companion tools to achieve an even greater level of targeting precision.


Targeted Acquisition campaigns

DSG’s analytic roadmap, developed during the early engagement phase, provides the vision and approach to targeted acquisition campaigns.  We provide our clients with a defined dataset of customers in a format tailored to the appropriate communication channel. 


Next Best Offer Campaigns (Cross-Sell)

Cross-selling can increase income from customers as well as protect and develop business relationships. Cross-selling does involve an element of risk and DSG will ensure that the additional products or services sold enhance the value of the customer and does not jeopardise the existing business relationship.

Strategic Partners

IBM EMM Business Partner

Senior marketers across the world believe that trends like social media, real-time access to information and the growth of mobile devices are redefining what customers expect and that these trends are fundamentally changing how marketing must work in order to drive business success.

What is EMM?

Over 2,500 organisations around the world use IBM Enterprise Marketing Management solutions. IBM EMM solutions are market leaders in the field of multi-channel campaign management, cross-channel campaign management, integrated marketing management and customer analytics.

How is DGS’s partnership with IBM EMM beneficial to clients?

Achieving EMM Partnership status with IBM provides DSG with access to resources and key IBM personnel.  IBM EMM Partners also have the exclusive right to offer clients IBM Software Value Plus: A suite of products and tailored solutions which are highly targeted, mitigating client risk and resulting in faster deployments.

How did DSG become a certified partner?

Establishing and maintaining a partnership requires a dedicated and talented team of developers and program managers. We have worked closely with IBM to achieve certifications, verified solutions and a high rate of customer satisfaction.  


SAS Alliance Program

The SAS Alliance Program in Malaysia brings together local and global partners delivering end to end BI solutions to customers. As a partner, DSG works with SAS software adding value through domain knowledge and subject matter expertise, systems integration and architecture, data management skills and third party products.