New technologies that support the DSG IT environment

Built on Thinkumo
Slim office environment


Direct Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO Robbie Thomson, DSG) provides Think Square Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Kenichi Tanaka) as a new IT environment. We have introduced the Thinkumo service (hereinafter referred to as “Thinkumo”), which is a cloud service.

Thinkumo is a network optimization service that enables reliable and easy-to-use network management in a cloud environment. This reduces various operational costs such as various problems caused by differences in specifications and OS, addition of employees, setting changes due to changes in assignment destinations, simultaneous application of security patches, and information that is an advantage of virtual environments. We have also realized measures against leaks and BCP measures in the office environment.

Introduction background
With the expansion of our business, the number of physical servers owned by DSG has been steadily increasing. The increase in servers is directly linked to data center power, physical and space issues. In addition, there were a lot of problems in terms of operation such as PC operation with different OS versions and specifications and cooperation with legacy systems. It was necessary to create an office environment that would solve these problems and improve security.

Operational slimming
Since Thinkumo allows you to create personal workspaces in a virtual environment, it is possible to provide users with exactly the same business environment even on PCs with different OS versions and specifications. It has become possible to apply security patches that cannot be left to the user and to apply virus definition files that are updated daily, which has made it possible to streamline operations. In addition, with the introduction of Thinkumo, DSG is premised on linking with the existing Active Directory, and the system configuration is designed with account integration with various legacy systems in mind, which not only streamlines operations but also stresses. We are planning to provide a free business environment.

Improved security
The virtualization of the business environment has made it possible to operate without leaving any files on the PC terminal. As a result, even if a security accident such as loss of a PC occurs, information leakage will not occur. In addition, we have built a system to improve security in a complex manner by monitoring operation logs and data encryption, which were introduced in parallel with the introduction of Thinkumo.