Science telephone answering operations from the perspective of brain science!

Introducing a brain science approach to call center training!
We have developed an “innovative training program” and the number of sales is increasing one after another!

The operations team led by “Doctor Call Center” of Direct Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO Robbie Thomson, DSG) aims to improve the sales skills of operators in charge of telemarketing for credit card members. We have developed and started to introduce a science-based “innovative training program”. With the introduction of this training, we have seen a significant increase in operator sales.

About 70% of outbound telemarketing call centers are mid-level operators. Many of him / her have fluctuations in the number of sales due to the effects of list quality, changes in customer needs, and their emotional ups and downs. Therefore, isn’t it the current situation that many call center supervisors spend a lot of man-hours on measures for the number of fluid sales?

This time, we designed the program by incorporating a brain science approach into the training to stably record the number of sales regardless of the presence or absence of the above-mentioned passive factors. As an innovative training program, we will study how it is effective to secrete testosterone, which exerts independent motivation, serotonin, which exerts empathy, and dopamine, a pleasure hormone that makes the response feel comfortable, during telephone response. We have introduced it.

Science “hormone secretion in the brain” and apply it to telephone response training! Expected to increase sales by 30% compared to the previous campaign
As a measure against the fluid sales volume recognized by mid-level call center operators, we have adopted a brain science approach into our training program and have begun to implement it. As a result, the expected number of expected sales after the training increased by about 30% (RR: 1.0 → 1.3), showing a significant improvement.

Future training strategy
We will establish the training that we are currently conducting in the spot as a systematic training training program from the time of the introductory training, and will promote the improvement of response skills.