The latest text mining is fused with the outbound original strategy cultivated over many years!

Beyond the common sense of telemarketing
Script development
By collecting “Customer Voice”
Discovering new customer needs

Direct Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO Robbie Thomson, DSG) for credit card members, text mining for telemarketing (technology to find information, features, trends, and correlations hidden from a large amount of data) ) Is incorporated, and the performance continues to improve. In the future, the collection of “script creation, customer feedback” using text mining will become a trend.

Many of the scripts used in call centers are designed so that everyone can speak the same.

Originally, it is not the goal of outbound script that everyone can speak in the same way, but the goal is to lead to results. Furthermore, nowadays, the needs are diversified, and due to various types of telephone guidance, scripts for everyone cannot be used. However, co-center managers who are busy with their daily work do not have enough time to create scripts.

SPH 0.04 improvement compared to the previous campaign by using text mining
In addition to the call strategy, voice analysis experience and know-how that DSG has cultivated independently over the past 10 years, by incorporating text mining, necessary information can be instantly extracted from a huge amount of call data and the man-hours can be significantly reduced. Achieves quantitative analysis. As a result, the frequency of script creation and polishing according to the situation has increased dramatically. The acquisition rate by scripts before and after the revision increased by 120% on average, and decreased by 70% compared to the man-hours before the introduction of text mining, which is a significant improvement.

Future script strategy
“Insurance again? By continuing to refine the script strategy that matches the customer characteristics, we aim to improve the acquisition rate, approach customers who have not joined until now, and pursue higher quality acquisition.