Our Model

The ‘end-to-end’ process


User Requirements

Customer requirements are accurately defined using a variety of techniques and protocols to drill down into customer behaviour.  We analyse existing customer behaviour by looking at input, behaviour and output generated.  The data produced helps ensure loyal customers are retained and any new business opportunities are identified.

GAP Analysis

GAP analysis data is a key business indicator. Making the best use of your resources ensures that organisational performance is at its best.  We will help you to identify the need for portfolio development and/or market diversification as well as defining company strengths to be exploited and any weaknesses that require mitigation. 

Problem Definition & Solution

Clearly defining a problem and finding a solution is what we do best. Through our analysis we can help to clearly define challenges and bring a new perspective to your business. We will offer a suitable programme solution that will achieve the desired result.

Client Goals & Company Culture

We work closely with you to help achieve company objectives and goals. Our team will also work with you to help you understand your individual company culture and find business and social solutions that fit within it.


Find out what your customers want, need, or believe. Our research is used to understand customer buying behaviours and how this behaviour affects the market that you operate in. It is also important to understand your competition and any other internal and external businesses forces. Armed with this information decisions can be made on how best to market your product.


Cluster Analysis

Using cluster analysis, a customer ‘type’ can represent a homogeneous market segment. DSG will identify particular needs in a market so that products can be designed with greater precision and direct appeal to a particular segment reducing the need for costly broad-scale marketing. 

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation analysis allows organisations to identify groups of customers based on their individual characteristics and transactional history.  DSG analyse behavioural patterns within these groups to create a customer blueprint that can be used to target specific customers segments.

CRM Data Mart

Company data is prepared using our world class statistical modelling. Customers are analysed through various dimensions.

Geographical Dimension

DSG will apply analysis techniques that identify specific geographical features when looking at an existing customer base or potential new market segment. Data is then used to disaggregate targeted segments of the population.

Demographic Dimension

Identifying specific buyer characteristics within your existing customer database results in a better understanding of your target market and your business operations.

Psychographic Dimension

DSG’s will analyse what motivates your customers to buy and help identify what type of rationale customers apply to their decision making processes.

Targeting the Right Customers

Predictive Modelling

At DSG we use ‘state of the art’ predictive data modelling to calculate the probability of specific outcomes.  This data can be used to identify the areas within your business that are most valuable and so favourable for growth and development.

Profit Projections

Predicting profit is key when planning new business and keeping control of existing business operations. Our experts will also assist you with identifying the price and output levels that will return the greatest profit to your organisation.

Call Centre Performance Optimisation

There are many performance measurements that can be used to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of a call centre operation. Some measure overall call centre performance and others focus on the individual employee. DSG will help you monitor service levels and provide solutions to ensure you get the best possible business outcomes from your call centre. 


Relationship Management

Taking a proactive approach to existing customers is crucial to prevent customers moving to competitors. DSG can help you tailor loyalty programmes to meet the different type of customer needs. This information can also feed into acquisition campaigns so that existing customers are maintained alongside newly acquired customers.


Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management supports an organisation’s objectives and can influence both the external and internal environments.  DSG can help you disseminate business information to all stakeholders ensuring expectations are effectively managed.

Project Management

Quality Management                         

Quality is everyone’s responsibility but is an overused term that can easily get lost in translation.  DSG will put in place processes to ensure all stakeholders understand what is meant by quality so that expectations can be agreed and managed and customer quality satisfaction assured.


Communication Management  

Good communication management underpins all aspects of your business. Streamlined and effective communication increases business transparency and encourages the practice of good communication.


Configuration Management

Any issues that have the potential to impact the project’s performance targets of time, cost, quality, scope, risk and benefits are carefully measured and monitored through change management control.


Risk Management

Every project has associated risks.  As part of our commitment to our clients DSG identify, assess and mitigate potential risks using the PRINCE 2 Project Management framework.

Tactical Planning

We can help you recognise where you want to be as an organisation and help you coordinate and integrate your business activities to meet company objectives.

Programme Management

DSG staff are responsible for the total programme management which may relate to several interrelated projects at one time.

Campaign Selection and Management

The correct campaign selection and its subsequent execution are critical to the success of a project. At DSG we help our clients build a campaign profile quickly assimilating information to assist with objective based and informed decision making.

Channel Management

DSG help you to formalise and manage programme strategies for acquiring and servicing customers within each specific distribution channel.


Online Reporting

DSG’s online reporting system brings together performance elements.  It is a central repository for storing and presenting campaigns outcomes and can be tailored to individual requirements; key performance indicators, campaign performance reporting, financial and reconciliation reporting.  Our system provides daily, weekly, monthly and year on year summary of performance results.

Campaign Performance Reporting

Having a structured and measured approach is fundamental to a campaign. DSG has created an online system that delivers campaign performance reporting in an easy to access format that provides the metrics that are important to your key stakeholders. Reporting can be tailored to individual requirements. 

Ongoing Audits & Reconciliation

DSG will undertake regular audits and manage the process of ensuring sales are loaded and billed correctly.  Any reconciliation required will be actioned in an appropriate and timely manner.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators are identified through historical data. These are recalibrated on a regular basis and performance is measured against them.  Any realignment requirement will be identified and appropriate action taken.

Financial Reporting

In addition to an on-going overview of performance, DSG provide comprehensive and in-depth financial reports on a monthly basis to key stakeholders.