DSG Insurance Direct Marketing

We are Direct Marketing Specialists providing expertise for over 30 years, partnering with insurers, reinsurers and database owners to deliver targeted insurance programmes, through direct mail, telemarketing and digital media.

Highly accurate marketing

We aim to extract maximum potential from databases through highly targeted direct insurance campaigns delivered through our end-to-end turnkey solutions. Compared to mass marketing, we offer a highly targeted approach to ensure the relevancy of offers to customers and therefore maximise new customer acquisition whilst reducing cost per acquisition for our clients.

  • Focused on customer needs
  • Response prediction & accuracy
  • Detailed measurement for continuous improvement

Assessing individual customer needs

Segmentation provides a robust foundation for designing, testing, measuring and rolling out tailored marketing programs. We have provided predictive modelling to our partners across seven countries to achieve an even greater level of targeting precision and have often tripled the sales rate while reducing unnecessary claims and complaints to almost 0%.

increase sales rates
Suppress claims & complaints to almost 0%
Secure new revenue sources & promote Card utilisation

DM/telema strategy that promotes benefits

Our targeted marketing campaigns and DM material use sales logic (results, evidence, trust, and security) to strongly promote the benefits to our member customers. Rather than sending uniform direct mail we use a tailored approach to each customer which dramatically improves the response rate.

We optimise contact centre performance for efficiency and effectiveness of results. We monitor service levels and provide solutions to ensure you get the best possible business outcomes. We link our sales presentations to our other direct marketing materials for relevancy and promote customer loyalty increasing card utilisation.

We perform all this on behalf of our partners, covering all marketing costs, maximising the potential of your customer data and minimising your risk.