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We have added potted plants to the main office area, the conference room, and the pantry. Aiming for a clean and simple Scandinavian style, we asked Hanamon Flower Gate to recommend some options. You can check out the full post on the Hanamon Flower Gate website. → ※大会議室の写真 ※中会議室の写真 ※パントリ―の写真 ※キャビネット上の写真
Direct Solutions Group representative Nakanishi was introduced an interview under the theme of “Low-priced long-term care insurance with DM” in the section of “Ask KEY Person” of the financial and economic newspaper dated February 14, 2022. (Financial Economy Newspaper dated February 14, 2022)
On November 17, 2021, DSG expanded its head office in order to accommodate the increased number of employees. The meeting rooms and other amenities were improved in order to assist our business expansion. However, there will be no change in the company address, telephone number, etc. due to this increase in office floor space. When […]
Direct Solutions Group representative Nakanishi is spotlighted on the TOPIC page for “Achievements in encouraging insurance usage through Direct Marketing, and the expansion of alliances to 37 regional banks in the first half of 2021”. (Financial Journal issued on March 26, 2021) read Japanese article here
Direct Solutions representative, Nakanishi, explained to the Nikkin Report that “DSG has expanded alliances to 37 regional banks, and several other banks in marketing group insurance. This has led to an average of 3,029 long-term care insurance cases per bank through two months.” (Nikkin Report issued on January 18, 2021) read the Japanese pdf here