3rd DIMA Special Lecture, the Second Speaker Is…

It is around this time that the summer has suddenly fallen from the hot summer, but how are you all doing?

The secretariat of the Direct Insurance Marketing Association (DIMA).

As promised, today I would like to introduce the second person who will give a “keynote speech” at the 3rd special lecture:
Mr. Miki Yasumura, Representative Director of Real Co., Ltd., Director of Direct Insurance Marketing Association.

Comments about Mr. DIMA who became the best speaker at the 2nd special lecture
“I don’t have enough time, I want to hear more.”
“When will you give a lecture this time?”

We would like to inform you of your enthusiastic requests and ask you to take the stage again.

The title of the lecture is
“How to increase sales by 10 times at once with the latest web marketing using videos”.

Please join us on the day to see and listen to the “hot know-how” on LIVE. We hope that you will use this as an opportunity for your company’s future marketing.