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Our new representative president, Hirai, was featured in the April 5, 2024 issue of Nikkin (Insight from Key Persons). He was interviewed regarding our strength in non-face-to-face insurance direct marketing using direct mail. (Published in the April 5, 2024 issue of Nikkin)
This time, in order to provide a more convenient web application form for elderly people who are unaccustomed to web input operations, we have announced a patent (patent no. 7319639) and the interview was published in the Hoken Mainichi Shimbun on October 30, 2023. We believe that patent acquisition is a milestone towards commercialization next […]
Fusion of web marketing copywriting technology with insurance recommended DM The business alliance between InfoSmile Co., Ltd. and our copywriting technology announced on October 23, 2014, and the efforts to produce direct mail that conveys products more attractively and raises the reading rate are now on ““. Was posted.
Advanced Media, Inc. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kiyoyuki Suzuki) is the first outbound telemarketing industry’s first voice recognition solution for call centers. Below, it was introduced as a use case on the HP of Advanced Media). In order to ensure easy-to-understand explanations and quality of service to our customers, we listen to all […]