Adopted by a total of 22 credit card companies in 2015 alone!

For groups that seemed impossible

Sales of paid cancer insurance DM make further progress

For credit card members of Direct Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters; Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO Robbie Thomson, DSG), the leap of cancer insurance DM is unstoppable. In 2015 alone, it was adopted by a total of 22 card companies and became an industry trend.

Until last year, card groups generally offered free accident insurance called free injury and used the law of reciprocity to promote upsell of paid products. , It was thought to be impossible due to its low reaction rate.

The introduction of the SWOT strategy improved the response by 110.5% from the previous quarter.
However, DSG has succeeded in marketing paid cancer insurance DM by adopting the SWOT (target selection, copywriting enhancement, product, plan selection, timing) strategy to sell paid insurance products. In addition, tests (mainly headers, photographs, teaser copies) have been incorporated into all DMs, and the accuracy has been greatly improved to 110.5% in the average response rate in the second half of 2015 compared to the average response rate in the first half of 2015.

DSG strategy
DSG will utilize the paid insurance DM sales method cultivated in cancer insurance to sell advanced medical special contract DM and medical insurance DM, and will work on list rotation to reduce the deterioration of the list to the utmost limit.