Our voice recognition utilization example was introduced

Advanced Media, Inc. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kiyoyuki Suzuki) is the first outbound telemarketing industry’s first voice recognition solution for call centers. Below, it was introduced as a use case on the HP of Advanced Media).

In order to ensure easy-to-understand explanations and quality of service to our customers, we listen to all conversation voices with customers who have indicated their intention to join, and hope that there is no discrepancy in communication with customers. I was checking every day whether the product and the product selected on the screen were correct.

In July 2014, in order to provide further peace of mind and benefits to client companies and business partners, voice recognition was aimed at improving the efficiency of this work, stabilizing quality, and speeding up team member development. Introduced AmiVoice (R), a voice recognition software from Advanced Media, Inc., which has many achievements in technology.

Efforts to realize text conversion were introduced as application examples.